A blank piece of paper, an untouched mold of clay

The unborn womb, the dawn of a new day

There once was nothing, no movements have been made

Til God came down and breathed out life, the blessings he has laid

A mark on the paper, a slight hesitation

The clay starts to spin, as soft as meditation

A slight kick in the womb, the mother starts to smile

The artist starts to stroke, and the sun begins its miles

It’s rays will soon reach out, beauty of Gods creation

The artist starts to nod, and his doubts start to lessen

The clay starts to form, and soon time passes by

The artist then sits back, and breaths a happy sigh

A vase sits in the living room, a picture on the wall

The wail of a baby’s cry, the magic of it all

Mothers lips start to tremble, her pride she cannot say

Welcome to this world my love, your journey starts today

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