This story is one which may be extremely graphic to some people. Reading discretion is highly advised.

One day I had a Russian cellie in jail. He came to United States 9 years ago and got hooked on heroin and has suffered ever since. But this story is not about heroine, but of the mistreatment of women in war, and the mentality. However, this story I shall tell does have a good ending, so, I hope that this story will not dampen one’s mood too much but rather enlighten people as to how some crazy men think.

When I learned that this man was born (actually in Ukraine) near Russia and was in the Ukrainian army, I asked him what he thought of Russia’s war with Germany, of which I recently read about in a book by Ken Follett. His response was clearly of Russian pride. Unbeknownst to some ignorant people, there was a ridiculous amount of rape from both sides of that war, and I wanted to hear the Russian mans opinion of that rape. What he said shocked me entirely.

“It is good.” he said quickly.

I hesitated, then said, “it’s good to rape women?” He said, “Yes, it’s very good.” I said, “Woah woah woah hold on, what?”

He said, “They lose war, it’s good.” I said, “You don’t care that your people raped and tortured the women.” He said, “Yes, it’s good.” I said, “…how?” He said, “They lose war, they attacked us first and we win. So we rape women.”

Me, “So…the rape is okay?” Him, “Yes, is good.” I said, “But what about the women, what do the Russian women think of the men doing that to Germans?” Him, “I don’t know. I’m not woman.”

I said, “Don’t you care about those women though? They’re human too, what do you think about their lives being scarred forever?”

He said, “We don’t care. They not human.”

“WOAHHH,” I said, “Who’s not human??” He said, “Women not human.”

I said, “Then what are they?” He said, “They are nothing. They are air. We do what we want with them.”

I couldn’t help it, I asked, “Are you christian?” He said yes.

Wow. He says he’s christian yet says raping your enemy is okay and that women aren’t human. I said, “Have you read the bible?”

“Yes, five times.”

“Dang! Five? How so much?” He said, I raised christian in church, we read bible a lot.”

I asked, “Do you believe in the bible?” He said yes. I then stuck it in, “What about the bible saying all men are created equal?”

“No, it’s not true.”

“But…that’s the bible.”


I let that sink in a little. Then I asked, “You believe in the bible?”

He hesitated, “…yes.”

“Bible says women are human too.”


“What would you do if someone raped your daughter?”

“I would kill them.’

“Exactly, so how is it okay to rape others?”

“They attack us first. (he was starting to sound unsure) They not our women, we win war, so we celebrate.”

‘But don’t you think it’s wrong to rape them? The bible says they are human too.”

Then I brought up the fact that we came from women through birth. I told him that if it wasn’t for women, there would be no man. Obviously he said without man, wouldn’t can’t bear children, which made me enlighten him that men and women need each other, making them equals.

At this point he was very unsure of himself. Then he took back his words with, “Maybe I go too far what I say earlier.”

“When you said they are nothing?” He agreed.

I asked him if his view of women had changed from the conversation. He nodded yes in defeat, almost with some admiration, which is quite funny since all I even did was refer to one verse in the bible to crash his entire mentality.

The communist Mao Zedong leader as a saying, “妇女能顶半边天” which means women can hold up half the sky. I barraged him with these points along with the difficulties women go through in childbirth and such and such.

When he got released he gave me a huge hug and looked at me with regret as though he wished he could stay to chat, then he said, “I’m glad I met you. You are a very good man. You are very good.” I gave a weak smile and shrugged, saw him off with, “Take care man, good luck. Paka (Peace out in Russian).”

But I had to log this story down since I never met someone who was so firm in viewing women as “air” and yet believed in the bible at the same time. If you say women are nothing but hoes and cheats well, you’re looking in the wrong place for women. If you think women aren’t equal because you don’t believe in the bible, well then God help you.

The bible does say women cannot teach or rule over men, that they are inferior in that sense. But it also says we are equals. God’s word is God’s word. You cannot be picky or choosy on what parts to believe.

I hope you enjoyed this story.

P.S. Another point I wish to address is one many may wonder about, which is: How can he think such horrible thoughts after having read the bible five times? The answer is, just because someone listened, doesn’t mean one heard. You can read the bible twelve times as knowledge yet miss the life it contains, and its salvation completely. The word “Christian” is just a word. Having the spirit and life of Jesus is what matters. To read the bible effectively, you must read it not like a textbook, but as a means to reach God and exercise your spirit. Reading the bible means nothing if it’s read through the tree of knowledge, good and evil, instead of the tree of life, which is Jesus.