So I worked at a store. I was the cashier. Some lady comes up with her purchases, and out of NOWHERE begins hounding me! With what? A bunch of bs and attitude, smartass remarks and everything a grumpy customer could possibly hurl at you.
And why? For absolutely no reason whatsoever. She literally just came out of the blue and began a verbal attack.

As she began the attack, obviously I felt frustration. It hit me like a needle poke of irritation. I felt a slight rise of adreneline and I called my manager for assistance, and the manager looked at me like I was stupid because I was asking her a very stupid question indeed. But that’s because the customer was tripping over something literally stupid and I just wanted to transfer the energy away from me.

But no I wasn’t so lucky, I must have had a target on my forhead in her eyes.

Customer leaves finally, and as she walks away, she loudly says while shaking her head, “You have a lot to learn lil youngster.”

Dude, I’m 25 and 6”4. She clearly has issues.

Once she was gone, the store was quiet around me as other customers around were also absorbing all the words the crude lady said.

Finally one broke the silence. A high class looking lady who probably never cussed in her life said, “Wow. That lady was a………..(and with an effort at restraint as if saying it a certain way would make it less of a cuss word), bitch!”

Another customer chipped in, “she must have just had a terribly life.”

Later on one lady said privately to me, “I never thought in my life, that I would ever want to fight another lady in a store! I don’t know how you were able to handle it!”

Well here’s the secret. At one point I realized that this barrage was not going to stop, and immediately lessons I learned from anger management class kicked in.

Here’s the technique. When things get heated, release all your anger, and turn it into a big…fat…joke.

The mean lady no longer became a mean lady, she became a clown.

Her sentences were no longer insults, they were like an exciting adventure of “what on earth is going to come next? This is hilarious!”

She insults me over cheetos, I die laughing inwardly at the experience. What’s she going to get mad about next, the bags? And when she does, it’s even more funny. And if she complains about the carts instead, it’s even more funny because like “Oops! I was wrong! Maybe its the bags this time!”

And before I knew it I was trying not to laugh. Even the last remark was funny.

This can be applied to all situations. Road rage. Find the craziness of the driver entertaining, what’s he going to do next?

Hope you guys enjoyed this read. I definitely had a fun time writing it as I recall those events.

And remember…anger is never worth it. You will almost always lose. I mean, what’s the best that happens? A lot of time it ends up with you in huge trouble with a record leading to jail time. And believe me…jail is not worth the trouble.


[Image above attributed to: Joi Ito]