So I went to eat at Panda express, and I was in line to get food. However, there were 5 people in line before me and I had to use the restroom, so I asked the guy behind me if he could hold my spot, and he said yes.

When coming back from the restroom and thanking the man, an older voice behind me grumbled, “Um, the line begins back here.”

I turned to see an old man probably in his 60s, staring grumpily at me. I told him that my spot was saved by the man behind me. The man scoffed and grumbled, “sure he did.”

So I turned to the young man behind me and said, “You saved my spot right?” And the young man turned to the older man and said, “Yeah, I saved his spot so he could use the restroom and he just got back.”

The old man then grumbled something and when I looked at him, gave me a dirty smirk.

I ignored it and just resumed waiting in line until my order, in which I got my food. However the old man continued trying to stare me down, and when I met his gaze he tried to have an eye battle. I turned away like, this is totally not worth a fight, nor is it worth doing prison time over if things escalate to whatever means.

So I get my food, pay, sit down and begin to eat.

Old man gets his order, and begins walking towards me. I’m thinking Are you serious? You have to be kidding me.

And sure enough, as the old man passes by he looks at me and gives an great, long exaggerated laugh while looking down at me like I’m some sort of joke.

I didn’t respond. I just kept eating my rice, spicy and teriyaki chicken, but was thinking like, what good did that dumbass get out of that laugh? Does he feel like he made a gain in life?

What confuses me most is that it was well explained to him that I didn’t cut. And it’s such a trivial matter. What on earth could possibly make a person that weird? What kind of life must he have lived to turn him into such a strange specimen? It still boggles my mind, even to this day, which is actually like half an hour after that incident happened.

But seriously…what the heck?

[Image above attributed to: Alex Griffioen]