The sky is looking gloomy, my hearts beneath my feet

My eyes are grieving towards the floor, my soul contains no heat

I shiver in depression, feeling alone on earth

And everyone just looks the same, so dark and lacking mirth

But suddenly I’m feeling, a tingle on my skin

As little rays of sunlight hit, it almost makes me grin

I look around not daring, to have the slightest hope

Can it be that I will not drown, that someone has a rope?

And then I saw the light source, it took my breath away

A memory that I won’t forget, even till my last day

It was a simple woman, a smile on her face

It gave me goose bumps just to see, such love in that dark place

I never met that woman, or ever learned her name

The angel that brightened the earth, I thank God that she came

It was not words or speaking, that brightened up my night

But just a sincere loving smile, the most powerful light

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