Note: This was written after having a long lengthy discussion with a drug dealer who was facing 25 years of fed time. He broke down the topic of drug addiction to me and I wrote this  down to the best of my memory. If anyone is an expert on drugs and has any corrections or advice to add, please do so in the comments. Hope you enjoy this read and learn something from it, to better understand the struggles that a drug addict goes through, and better ways to help them overcome it.

Imagine when you eat some good food, or have a massage. When these things happen, a chemical is released in your mind which leads to pleasure. It makes you feel extremely good.

Drugs cause these chemicals to burst over 1,000 times its original capacity. It is the definition of ecstasy. The height of your bodies pleasure.

If that is all drugs did, it would not be a problem.
Problem: The drugs destroy your chemical balance, physically and mentally.
Many drugs contain a dope property. Imagine little flowers in your body. They receive chemical intakes, and lead to pleasure. A normal bodies flowers open temporarily, and once the chemicals of pleasure are gone, they close. This is proper and healthy.

However, dope causes the flowers to stay open, which results in craving, since dope is what satisfies it. When you stop supplying, the body suffers. This is not natural, your body is not designed for it.

Drugs off balance your feelings. Your conscience knows the dope is programming you incorrectly, yet the dope makes you forget this. You begin to have false feelings. As you continue providing the body with dope while knowing deep inside it’s wrong, you get depressed. Therefore you take more to cure the depression temporarily. You begin losing dignity as you go to desperate measures to get more dope. Soon you have done things so degrading, you lose all emotion. The dope causes emotional attachment to the point a girl is selling her body or someone is robbing their own mothers, yet they don’t feel a thing. And that is just one symptom.
There are two types of addictions
Physical: This is your chemical off balance. The physical off balance can be removed if you don’t use for periods of a year to 18 months. This is how long it takes to completely recover. The physical aspect is not so bad. But this is the tip of the iceberg.
Mental: The mental addiction is the roadblock all users face. Imagine that massage, that you once had. It felt great. You will never forget how great it felt. Your mind will always yearn for the same experience. You cannot deny that it felt good, because it did. That will always stay with you. The want will always remain. Except that want is magnified 1,000 times. You will go mad for it.

To beat it: First off, you obviously want to quit.

You must be fed up with your depreciated state.

It will be a lifelong never ending battle of the wants.

You must surround yourself with good non-users. For if you so much as see or smell the drug, your minds want will go crazy. You must be in a good environment like a drug program.

You must always remember what the drug did to you, and you must hate that and always tell yourself you don’t want to be that way again. Drugs made you feel hopeless. Now you found hope, don’t go back to the state of hopelessness.
Warning: you can go 10 years clean, but if one incident happens, say family problems or etc, you may be so down as to smoke your problems away again. If you do that, it’s over. An action like this often leads to overdose, and if not, is guaranteed to take you to the abyss of hopelessness again.

Therefore, you must always be prepared to fight the want.

Arm yourself, a lot of people rely on Jesus. Once you overcome the physical addiction, the entire battle is fighting the want.

For repeat users who want to quit, you must re-evaluate your friends, your environment, your life. But most importantly, yourself. Knowing in your own mind you truly want to quit is always step one. And from there, friends, environment and habits must be removed accordingly. Once succeeded, prepare to fight. Don’t ever let your guard down once. Find your weapon: ex: love for kids, family, personal dignity, God.

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