[Note: Written in Prison after reading a ton of Bible and Christian books and being on 22 hours a day lock down]

What is a christian? A christian is someone who believes and worships Christ. What is Christ? Christ is Jesus and the Spirit. So in order to be a christian, you must have God’s Spirit. To be in the flesh means to have a dead or weak spirit. You cannot be a true christian if your spirit is weak. To be a true devout christian, your spirit must be strong. What does a strong spirit mean? It means to live God everyday and stay away and clean from the world, which is the Devil’s kingdom. It means to be pure, like a lamb and Jesus. The stronger your spirit, the more of a Christian you are. It is our job as Christians to spread God’s word, his spirit to others to build up God’s church as his bride. To succumb to the flesh and worldly desires, you weaken your spirit and stay from the path of a christian. To say you are a christian at that point would be a lie. To be raised in a christian family but not have the spirit does not make you a christian. A believer maybe, but not a christian. One must understand the concept of the word Christ-ian.

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