If a mouse was to call you a fool, would you chase it around the house? And what if a hundred mice called you a fool, would you chase till you’ve killed each one individually?

By chasing and attacking such lowly status, you’ve done nothing but confirm their words. Plus you would have crashed lots of furniture in the attempt to catch them. Such is the same if any man were to call you a fool. There are many such men, can you chase them all?

You would just look the fool, such as the one chasing mice in result of its tiny words. For only you know your mind and heart, are you a fool?

But only a fool would call another a fool without knowing his/her mind and heart. When a mouse calls you a fool, walk on! For a mouse is just a mouse, and will such remain one. What is a mouse to a man, or one who knows himself?

Such is the fool, who called you a fool. You need nothing to prove.

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