[Note: Written in jail right after seeing a man lie to his woman on the phone in a lovey dovey voice, then running to his “homies” to ridicule and mock her with roaring laughter, reminiscing of all the times they abused her and left her for nothing.]

Allow me to say a very common opinion among men: women are weird. So many females are so blinded by their hopes and desires that their man will become their prince charming, that they fail to see the signs (which are seen by all men, and are even cruelly joked about) that the man is playing, or using her, with absolutely no love for her whatsoever, besides that for her body, making her nothing but a side toy to use and trash.

Yet, time after time of abuse, insults and neglect…the girl stays or returns to the man, doing all she can to redeem herself in his favor or to please him. THIS, is what all men call weird. The most common question we ask among ourselves is, “Why does she do that?” or to her “Why do you do that?” And men always respond, “Because girls are weird and stupid,” and the girl always responds with either, “I don’t know…” or “I love him.”

She’s loving a guy that clearly doesn’t love her, why is this? 2 possibilities, 1) she clearly is as stupid as all men assume, or 2) she has hope. Which in all men’s eyes is equally stupid. I’m not saying she has no chance to earn his love…but why?! Is he worth it? Why go through so much depression and neglect to win someone who hates you? Don’t you realize there’s so many guys out there, thugs or gentlemen, who will actually love her the way she wants?

But no. She sticks to that one idiot, who by now probably hates her even more and can’t wait to get rid of her. But yet…she still doesn’t see. There’s clearly something very special about women that makes them this way, very much unlike the male sex.

Even when men desire a woman so much, he knows when his chance is lost. Sadly, many times the man turns to physical anger. But, women lack this physical strength, and because of this, they must handle things differently…through seduction. So maybe there’s something to a woman’s “stupid” behavior that is actually smart, that we men are too blind to see. Maybe we are feeling sorry for the seducing, crying female when for reals its the targeted man we should feel sorry for.

Who’s the most pitiful? The woman who uses her body and cleverness to get her ways, or the man who hates her and is trying to escape harassment?

Really, either one could win or lose, though the woman has more to lose, for the woman is offering her body and innocence to please or obtain the desired man, and the man offers nothing but money (which is far less valuable than one’s body) and his time. In fact, he obtains a body, hers. So for the man, it’s a win/win. For the woman, a win/lose situation.

Why must women go through such sad periods in their life? Nature. That’s how they were made. By nature women were made weak, so being weak, they have no choice but to cope submissively to get around in life. Sure, there are women strong enough to knock my head off, but let’s be reasonable and address the majority, who most likely can’t take on a man one on one.

Now let’s ask the million dollar question. Why doesn’t a woman simply LEAVE when the odds are tipping towards defeat? Is there a special something in women that makes them devoutly loyal, that men don’t have? Something that makes them take a hit, and bow their heads in submission? Because whatever that something is, that’s the source of the problem, though it seems many women simply accept their role in nature as the weaker ones made to be ruled over, which men can’t understand, because we are full of testosterone and pride.

Even after I find the source of their submission and humbled misery, I never fail to be re-amazed when I see a tearful, bruised girl going back to her boyfriend’s house, after promising all her family to never return again. I guess it’s simply programmed inside women to be this way, and no matter how much you give them advice, their processors won’t process until they discover it themselves, often when it’s horribly late and extreme damage has been done.

Seeing women get pushed around, and yet obeying the man and refusing to leave? One word: weird. Girls, when will you ever learn, and why on earth do you girls do that?

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