[Note: Written in Prison after reading a ton of bible and Christian books in a cell during 22 hour a day lock down]

Media knows that man’s weakness is universal: women. So media portrays them very effectively. They know to show a woman on any show at certain intervals to keep the watchers attention. And then of course sometimes media pushes the limits, having the woman dress with little to no clothes, which attracts a surge of viewers.

Switching off between different women of different kinds with different clothing is like keeping a child entertained with several flavors of candy. Even if the child knows this candy rampage is bad for its health, the child foolishly and blindly stumbles after, its mind twisted and crumbled for the lust that the candy provides.

Such is the effect of beautiful women on TV. Men go from intelligent beings with honor and self control, to animals with hanging dicks being pulled by the nose. Media completely muddles our brain ineffective to obvious thinking, with the image of a revealing woman.

But why are we dulled by a revealing woman? Women are attractive to men’s eyes, like a jewel but one that causes a physical response of lust. They have breasts, curvy waists, beautiful legs, nice butt, sexy hair and seductive face features. Although it causes a strong wise man to crumble. Even a woman’s soft voice is attractive, which she can use dangerously.

How can man resist the sight of such beautiful women, to not get pulled by the nose, to succumb to his physical reactions?

On sight of women 1) woah, she’s sexy 2) check her out and admire, as the image is a seed planted in the mind, it grows and spreads through your mind, causing your 3) imagination to spark. As your mind is infected by this seed, all other sense and thoughts vanish and focus on the woman.

The fearful part is you don’t even need a woman to do this, all you need is an image, which media proudly provides.

So women become tools of media, their special beautiful bodies being made exposed to the world to lust on. Does this degrade her or make her more demanding? Both in a sense. Demanding as in everybody wants her, degrading if everybody has her. So it all goes down to selling a dream. By watching the women’s bodies exposed it makes us dream of having them, and by seeing the screen and constantly seeing the women, the dream momentarily feels like reality.

Is there harm in being transfixed to the screen by the image of a lustful woman? Well, it makes you lust. Lust is flesh which is sin. Sin is used by Satan, therefore women are used by Satan on media to turn men from God.

I feel men will always be seduced by women. That will never change, just as lions will always eat meat, no matter how unhealthy. Some men are more disciplined than others, either by a strong spirit or they already had all the women. When a child has tried all the candy, they might not appeal to him after a while.

However when a woman is live to seduce you, the only way to ignore her is to have a greater goal. Say your family is in danger, your love for them is stronger than any lust a woman can impose. She can dance 100% naked for you yet you will rush by, overcome by love/worry for your family.

What else is loved more than women? Cars, money, music, family, God, drugs. If any of of these have a strong enough seed in your mind, the woman’s lust will be hopeless. That is a woman’s/media’s worst fear, that your attention is distracted by a stronger source. Then their powers are nonexistent. They rely on the dull multitude of the population for success, to keep people at bay lusting and buying their products, degrading women and poisoning men for the cause.

Only the few with a higher purpose can deny this lust and seek success successfully. Be one of those with a higher purpose, then women will have no effect on you. Sometimes it may take practice to become your new nature, of ignoring this distraction.

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