Warning: Very graphic, Sexual description depicting what a man sees in a woman. Intended for mature readers only. Enjoy.

Women. Females. Girls. Starting from the top, I shall describe the most interesting and beautiful creation of mankind. A woman’s hair, so long, flowy, and graceful, falling around her shoulders like a crystal waterfall, so beautiful to the eye to match the structure of her delicate face, which radiates love, intimacy, and submission. Though when her heart is not submissive, and her sparkling expressive eyes flare with indignation, it’s only effect is to uplift and excel the most lively and adorable reflection of her personality which is as skittish as a fawn, and as soft as angels wings. Her hair, trailing like sparkling droplets around when she turns her head, or looks up at you with eyes warm and deep enough to make your heart melt. Her nose, fastidious and smooth, breathing softly, to the rhythm of her rising and falling chest, the very act of her breathing causing you to want to seize her into your arms and hold close the warm radiance set off only by the curves of her body. Her lips, so juicy and sweet, either in a sad frown or subduing smile, even when in a snarl can turn a man dreamy and dazed. Her beautiful white teeth and delicate, warm wet tongue, so sugary to the taste, its hunger for love pulling around you hard through her hungry, longing playful eyes, of which come in so many colors of blue, brown, green, or a mix of all like a pool of jewels sparkling together, expressing sadness or joy, love or hate, intelligence or simplicity, but never does it fail to give a man pause, to want to stare into the galaxy of her eyes for all eternity if just given a chance.

Her chin, and the blush of her cheeks, all turning a man’s mind into confusion and longing, to feel the softness of her face, to run his hands through the waves of her hair, to hold her delicate fragile chin to lift her eyes so he can gaze, and gaze into the dreamy pool, to drown inside never caring to come back out from her motherly enrapture into the world so cruel and violated by men.

Her neck, thin and curvy, graceful as a swan, turning her enrapturing face in angles that make men stumble over chairs or fall at her sight. Her shoulders, so womanly and inviting, making our hands itch and scream to hold, and massage, to hear her utterance and moan of pleasure as we stroke and rub to release her stress.

But below that, oh, her breasts. So…so round, warm, enhancing, the already enrapturing curves of her waist. With soft, perky nipples, full of sensation and feelings, expressing her excitement and heat of her heart. The breasts, producing milk for her young offspring, the gift and reward of shared intimacy and love, and the fruit of hard labor. But in the end, oh how they secrete milk for a child’s mouth to feed. So fragile and round and delightful to hold and possess. The way they bounce, rise and fall from her breathing and movements, causes your mind to flash into another world of longing.

But just as you approach those plump, inviting breasts, you discover the thin curves of her waist, the arch of her back, and the slenderness of shoulder blades, which your hands instinctively reach around to hold like the perfect pieces of a puzzle, and you drew her near to you, her curvy figure held tight against yours, her chest rising and falling faster just as her breathing increases with the love in her eyes, which stare into yours and then close as your faces draw together, her warm sweet breath on your face forcing your heart to pump faster, as your eyes fall upon her juicy, delicious lips, which partly open to welcome yours.

Oh how sweet the taste, sweeter than honey and more delightful than sugar. Her own hands and arms, more delicate than yours yet just as hungry and seeking, finds their way around you in a possessive embrace, feeling and exploring your muscles with delight, stroking your hair just as you hungrily explore her. Your tongue and mouth wet and warm, sweet and delicious, hers like honey and yours with strength embracing and rubbing with slick, steamy delight.

But you want more. So much more, and best of all, her body gives and satisfies and quenches your thirst like a flask of crystal water in a desert, as your hands reach down, and find to its explosive delight, the most  beautiful rump, and new sets of curves and delicious flesh, so hot and inviting like her slick moist legs, which begin to part in invitation that not even the best man can ignore.

But while these overwhelming sensations, and otherworldly dreamy episodes are going on, another fluttering sensation rocks you off your feet, the sound of her soft, eager, womanly moan, triggering every nerve and emotion in your being to scream as she breathes these sounds into your ears, her warm hot breath and hungry mouth releasing submissive sounds from the depths of her throat, as she begs and whimpers for more of your love and desires. Your heart falls and your mind goes out as you turn into an animal, seizing this warm, curvy, hot delicious creature and your moth digs and explores every inch of her juicy sweet mouth, and after having tasted so much you eagerly run your mouth down her body to taste her breasts which heave with pleasure and delight, her moans and cries getting louder and sweeter as her small delicate hands grasp around your neck to help guide your lips around her body, which you likc, kissm and suck on to draw out and taste all the honey and love that her body is radiating and releasing fiercely to your greatest delight.

But now, now something triggers in you so strongly that you focus all your attention on the main meaning and purpose of this God inspired attraction, the gleaming, bursting, wet and flexing treasure between her legs.

The chemistry between your mind and hers lock as firmly as your eyes that meet hers, and in answer to the hunger in your eyes and the crazy longing your body screams to her, she brings her crystal submissive eyes up to look into yours, her mouth parted in anticipation, her breasts rising and falling with impatience, she leans her curvy body back to display all her curves, and then spreads her legs wide.

The treasure between her legs, a warm slick tight entrance into the sweetest part of her body, in which the most important part of her body functions to produce the magical, mysterious eggs that wait for a man’s essence to discover, to connect and trigger the most amazing, indescribable beautiful process of human beings, the creation of life and children, which her body was designed so elegantly to nurture and bring up, her organs constantly feeding the creation that is half you, and half her, combined into one by the steaming hot, holy acts of love.

And as you enter her, and watch her body rise up and her eyes pop with delightful pain and pleasure, her elegant, feminine toes curl and pop as explosive sensations rush and electrify her body, her voice crying out and expressing all her pleasure and delight, and her small womanly hands so cutely grasp onto whatever she can hold onto, the blankets, her hair, your back and shoulders, as your body and hers move together in a dance both elegant and fierce, passionate and crazy, steaming and hot, the curves of her body exciting you more and more, a seemingly eternal spasm of fire and delight.

Again and again you see and feel her body shudder, and hear the song of her sweet cries, as her body repeatedly expresses the fulfillment of her sexual desires, her eyes digging and burrowing into yours, demanding more and more, as much as you can give, and then you feel the pleasures of your body rocket higher and higher above the clouds of delight, and you reach your climax, which is as explosive in your heart as the crying out of her voice.

And when it is over, your bodies glistening with sweat and breathing hard from the exertion of sweet, intimate love, you reach around her soft curvy body once more, lean over her expectant responsive body, and your eyes slowly trail along the curves, from her beautiful side down the smooth hills over her slim waist, up the rich slopes of her breasts, and the small space in between them, still glistening with sweat like sweet vanilla or melted caramel, up along her womanly shoulders, into the slim sweet line of her neck, which your hands gently caress, and your hand strokes and trails from her legs to her delicate chin, which you gently cradle in your hands. You gaze deep into her sparkling eyes and it’s the last thing you see in your mind before you close your own and lean into her open mouth, which you taste and ravish with your hungry tongue, wrapping around hers as it reaches out to embrace yours, the sweet juices of her mouth combining in yours and the hands you used to cradle her neck and face trail down once again down the arch of her back, and your bodies snuggle together, her glittering midsection and heaving breasts squished pleasingly against your own firm, hard, muscled chest.

Her nice, warm thick legs open up once again to wrap around you firmly to hold you in that spot, her arms reaching around you tightly to make sure you never leave. And at that moment, at that very moment you wish you would never, ever have to leave this position with your restful beauty as you fade away into the most peaceful, uncaring world, that is shared with only you, God, and the most attractive, passionate, loving and caring creature, your helper, your fleshes other half, also known as, the most sexy, beautiful creation you could possibly relate with…your woman.

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