Note: This was written inside a jail cell.

My life is like a movie. One day when it’s over I’ll be able to sit back and watch it with a remote. I’ll be able to fast forward and rewind through the slow grueling tortures that feel so long today and at that time, it will just be a short little episode, of a very long movie.

I’ll see from third person view, and see the obvious mistakes I make and all the times I unknowingly looked a fool. And I’ll either praise myself at some scenes or be embarrassed. I’ll pause at moments and laugh hysterically at situations I find so serious now. So many boring wasted episodes, when will the movie get  good?

In books, sometimes a character does time in jail. More often than not, they write “5 years later” and your life continues on the next page, and you’re 5 years older. The jail experience is so dull it’s not even worth going in depth. I’m only in the beginning of that dull unwritten process. And I have to breath and live each second of it. I’m that hidden episode that’s never imagined.

As you watch my episode of jail, you’ll fast forward for hours of boring footage of me zigzagging around a small cell with quick stupid movements from the sped up footage. Imagine having to be that person. It’s too hard to comprehend. Have you ever put yourself in the shoe of the mouse running endlessly in it’s wheel? No. You glance, get entertained, and leave after a moment. While you’re gone, the mouse just runs, runs, and runs. You will never understand.

If I was watching my movie, and I saw what my lawyers had done to me, I’d say to the screen, “Fire that ***** *** lawyer!” But that’s so easy because it would just be a change of scenes. You won’t experience the months of waiting, and emotional and mental stress that prevents one from seeing the obvious solution. It is living the moment, that makes one blind.

There are many hard situations in life. And some are much harder than others. However, each situation will one day come to pass. Nothing is forever. And you will go about your way, with each hard situation making you a stronger individual. The stronger the situation, the stronger the individual.

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