We live in a world of death, cruelty, sadness, corruption, temptations, evil, unfairness, torture, humiliation, deceit, tears. It makes one furious, depressed, outright discouraged. The rage felt from such injustice makes one want to scream at the sky and leave this horrible world, to be removed so the tortures and suffering can be forgotten. How can such things happen in this world, how can they be allowed? Who is the creator that forcefully shoved us onto this burden of life, that we might suffer?

Sure there is love, sure there is peace and joy. However death and crime can so easily turn a beautiful flower into a dry, dead, depressing colorless stem. And when so much love and joy is lost, it’s so hard, sometimes next to impossible to bring it back to how it was before. Destruction has always proved so much more powerful than creation.

A strong spirit gives us joy and peace, yet even a tragedy can pull our minds so it is forever scarred despite your spirits strength. The burden will never leave the mind, therefore destroying the humans one perfect vessel. Now it is wounded, and will never be the same. The scars of sadness is an irremovable stain on the heart.

How can we deal with this? The acts of the world so unfair we can’t help but fall to our knees in hopelessness, our minds not strong enough to handle such evil.

A  tortured loved one, an executed loved one. This will forever shatter you as a never leaving nightmare. You will always see your beautiful love explode in pain and sadness as their bodies crumbled to the floor, eyes in pain, begging for an end from this unforgiving world. That’s what evil does, it makes you regret your own existence and anticipate an end to it. Yet when it ends, that is when evil has won and succeeded. When you give up hope, joy and just wish to die. To forever be at peace is to mock evil, and to keep a strong spirit is to beat it. God’s spirit gives us the strength to do so, however hard it may be. To suffer or see a loved one suffer is a pain to the body and mind, the short term survival on this earth, which is ruled by the Devil. The spirit is eternal and rests with God. So much pain, torture and corruption is simply to be expected from the Devils kingdom, and it’s so sad to see God’s children fall victim. Enough to bring tears and powerful sad emotions. To help strengthen their spirit is to fight the Devil. To have a strong spirit yourself is to prove he is not invincible. To live a life of joy and peace before the Devils many powerful efforts is his ultimate shame.

Don’t get me wrong, he will continuously hammer you and here and there you will shatter. No man is invincible and we are weak individuals, however to exercise God constantly is to renew your spirit and defense.

Sometimes the Devil goes too far. Some of his wounds will surpass your spirit no matter how strong your spirit is. Many of these times you will feel the need to get even. To kill the Devils tools is eye for an eye and is justice. However many of your sufferings and tortures may be from God to strengthen you. You must ask God through prayer to discern which trial is from who, and how you should respond. To strike with hate at the ones God used to make you suffer is a sin, but to kill the tools of the Devil, is justice.

Remember, we are not judges. God is. Neither are we the law. God and authority have made that.

Do not get carried away into thinking God is using you to judge and punish others.

That is a confusion and a sin.

Pray, and listen to God to discern how you should respond to the Devils motives. When God punishes you, it is to test and strengthen you. You must respond with resolve, and not hate. God will never go too far to shatter you completely. When the pain is too much even for your spirit, it is most likely the Devil’s work. Ignore if you can, but if it’s directly in your presence and is affecting you, seek and destroy.

As for the loved ones you have lost, what’s gone is gone. Pray for them and for yourself to deal with their loss. If they survived, forever comfort and be with them, be their unconditional love and work together to heal old wounds.

When the Devil’s tool is taken care of, you may still feel resentment. That may never leave. You must surround yourself with loved ones and joy to escape these emotions to forget.

But how do you handle yourself when you’re still hopeless and being humiliated by the enemy? Your hatred will burn like a furnace and only intensify, as hatred and shame completely conquer your mind. You can’t stand being the victim to the Devils enjoyment. All you can really do in such a hopeless situation is truck through and survive with the greatest resolve. If you die, God will treat you fairly and you will be at joy and peace for eternity until the Devil suffers in eternal hell. But if you survive, it is only fair to retaliate and deliver the pain dealt to you ten fold. We are not creatures of weakness to give up and submit. We are fighters, and wherever the Devil is involved, and it’s evil has been burning our souls, I believe it is just to chop the Devil’s tools to its knees.

Suffering is just a part of life, as is death. Yet never let it get away from the damage it has caused you.

Revenge on the Devil is not always to kill it. In fact if you can deliver it to the authorities of the land for punishment, that is better.

Stay strong for your loved ones as they stay strong for you.

Never forget that some pain and torture is delivered by God to make you a better person. Stay strong and survive for God, yourself and your loved ones.

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