No seriously…what the heck.

You know what I’m talking about, those things that are impossible to happen, or keep happening, but make absolutely no sense and they aren’t necessarily good or bad. It’s just the stuff that has you walking away scratching your head like “huh…what are the chances.”

Some people always see the same number sequence in their life. Some people always see the same object in different places. The stories are endless and I’m sure you have some of your own.

I’m going to share my craziest.

So I was in jail right, I know…what a way to start. But I was, and the jail I was in was a tower structure, so inmates were on top of each other in floors.

There’s a way to communicate to other inmates through the toilet.

Yeah. I won’t explain how, but you could. It was gross but hey we had nothing else to do so anyhow

I met this girl on there. I won’t disclose her entire name, but I’ll say her first name which was Juanita.

At the time, I was reading a book called “Double Image” by David Morrell.

In the book…there was a part which had two dates. On one page, there was the date Dec 29, and on the other page, Oct 10.

One of the main characters in the book was named…Juanita.

Know what’s almost terrifying?

Dec 29 = Juanitas birthday (girl I spoke with in the jail)

Oct 10 = My birthday.

Author: David (same as mine)

Main character: Juanita (girl I was talking to.)


BOTH our birthdays, and both our names.. in the same book.

First off…why? And second, what are the chances? And third…who cares? Like…nothing happened out of it. No good, no bad…absolutely nothing.

It was just WEIRD.

But yeah. True story. There’s a reason this blog is not categorized as a super important one, because there’s no huge meaning, lesson or message behind it, in fact it’s quite the opposite in fact. But hey. Why?

If anyone has an answer as to why these things happen, please tell me. Comment section below, thanks.

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