It was probably one of the scariest things that ever happened to me.

Not the worst, but it was very close to it.

I had a dream. No, a nightmare.

It started with me adventuring with a friend. We went to a cliff hanging, which was clear and natural. There was nothing weird about it. I don’t know why I noticed the cliff hanging so significantly, but after that we went on a little adventure and had some fun.

But after a decently long dream, the dream friend and I ran back in the night back to where the dream began, at the cliff hanging. But this time…there were writings on the bottom of the cliff. And for some reason, as soon as I saw the words, I felt the biggest, scariest most chilling feeling in my life.

I just knew, somehow, that there was a demonic spirit there. It was a demonic reference.

The words were “play.”

The demons wanted me to play.

The “friend” turned to me with a desperate look, and without words I knew he was with the demons, and they wanted me to join them. To be with them…to “play.”

I backed up.

“Please…come on…” the friend whined.

The chill in the air got worse as the mood of the dream suddenly became increasingly more dark and cold.

Panicking, I began to back up faster, almost turning to run in the waist high weeds of which we were in. Then I heard and “felt” the presence of the demons coming after me with the friend.


I can’t even describe the chills I felt at the time, and even now as I write this.

I ran as fast as I could, and felt the intense chase that was beginning behind me, demons and “friend” both coming to grab me as quickly as they could. And that’s when I woke.

But it wasn’t over…

I felt the presence of those demons in the room.

I’m 25, and am usually never scared of anything, especially not the dark.

But that night…I was terrified. Every shadow seemed like it would loom up to become some creepy demonic force. My eyes went wide, and for what seemed like the first time ever I feared the darkness.

I did the first thing that my spiritual defense forced me to do, I prayed.

I cried to God and Jesus for forgiveness for any sins I committed that opened up my soul to this attack. I cried for covering, for protection, for presence and security.

And I felt more comforted. I was able to cozy up and close my eyes. The demonic presence was not as terrifying, but just letting my mind graze the memory of the dream would send me into panic mode again, so I had to keep my mind off of it.

The lesson I learned, is to continue exercising your spirit with God, to keep Gods presence strong with you so you would not be so vulnerable to the Devils attacks.

I hope this helps anyone that had the same type of situation and that you enjoyed this read.

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