History. A never ending record of constantly changing events, cultures and trends. America, the country founded and born with a hand on a bible, a country shining with freedom and enjoyment, free of tyranny and dictatorship. Printed in American money was the statement “In God we trust.” In school pledges were made to honor the great country “Under God.” What is God? What is the bible? God is faith, God is love, God is kind, And the bible is God’s word.

Today, America is turning away from God.

Not entirely America, but rather its entertainment. America is a media run country with music, television, books and online material controlling the trends and upbringing of the American youth, the ultimate backbone of a nation’s success.

My name is David Lee, and I am a young man who has been raised all his life in the United States. I was raised and born into a Christian family, and continued a solid Christian faith until the age of 16, where I branched off the secluded life and exposed myself to modern day media.

I was pulled away from the Christian life because of outside influences that seemed so exciting and more enjoyable, compared to many strict rules that came with Christian living. I do not know if my Christian raising is the same as the majority of Christian upbringing, but I was taught to stay away from “Worldly” influences. “Worldly,” meaning influences other than God that would pull you away from him.

But as a young curious teenager, I felt the Christian life was too boring and strict, so I ceased all Christian activity, and exposed myself to the world.

It all began with music.

At the time, hip hop seemed to be the most popular and I collected as much as I could. It felt great, they were all about sex, money, and an exciting life. For a teenager just being exposed to the world, this was like hitting jackpot. Guns and sex, what curious young man would not welcome such topics into his life? And the more I listened to the music, the more I hated my old Christian life, along with its teachings. I began to view females differently. They became images of lust and pleasure, and it seemed the music was affecting them also. Their pants started getting shorter, their dances more physically exposing. Everything in the music was leaning towards having a careless sexual life. The music also began portraying drugs as a great thing, not a substance that anybody should worry about. They supported the use of drugs and openly mocked those who frowned upon it. Before I knew it, almost everyone I knew was doing drugs. But hey, “So what we get drunk? So what we smoke weed, we like to get high, we don’t care who sees. We like to have fun, that’s how its supposed to be, living young and wild and free.” These are the lyrics to a top hit song, by one of the modern days most popular music artists. Soon most songs took to the same attitude, and people whom I knew to be clean, educated individuals, were suddenly slamming drugs, losing their relationships and worst of all…not caring. And to be completely honest…I didn’t either. The path was so easy, have fun, have sex, not care.

And it wasn’t just music, movies and games painted the same images. Girls exposing 95% of their bodies on shows and videos shaking their asses carelessly to the eye bulging youth. For the first several years to this exposure, it was like an amazing ride. But only five years later, as I write this at the age of twenty-one…I began to see a trend. I saw behind the lines, and came to a sobering, chilling realization. All the music, sex, and media was not just a carefree happy form of entertainment. I came to realize it was much, much more.

It was a movement.

A movement so evil, so destructive, and not at all what it seemed. I knew that drugs ruins lives, I knew the sexual carelessness wrecked relationships, but it took me five years of exposure, to suddenly see the full picture of it all. And it wasn’t only my own lifes experiences that painted the picture, but rather…the news.

I saw a huge connection between the growing Devil in the business of media, and the chilling changes happening around the country today. And what many people don’t realize is that media is not at all a way of life, but an unbelievingly selfish corrupt business, where ethics, human life, and society’s well being, are completely disregarded and burned for the sake of the source of all evil. Money.

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