When a new believer is saved, they are truly saved. They found God because they were in need. They need the comfort, and they truly found it in God, making their belief true and powerful. When they pray, they are sincere with a seeking heart. When they close their eyes in prayer, it is with the full intention of diving into their spirit to communicate and reach out to the heavens. They go to church meetings to fellowship and strengthen their spirit, to remind themselves of God’s living and teachings.

They have a yearning to cleanse themselves and start over, to be pure, to wash away the sins of the world, like removing dirt in a bath.

They want to wash, become clean, and strengthen their spirit to remain clean. Church is their encouragement, as is fellowship.

In contrast to an old believer, or one born into the church, brought by family because they were made to, or because they wanted to look good. They had no trials of which they believed they needed God’s help. They are not seeking or truly trying to understand, and until they are in a situation that makes them desperate, they probably never will. When they close their eyes in prayer, it is to look good, a respectful thing.

When they cry “Oh Lord Jesus,” even though it sounds sincere, it is simply because they follow example, or once again, they want to look good.

Their spirit does not reach out when they call, nor do they know how to strengthen it. The church life becomes a routine rather than what it is meant to be, a house of God in which to exercise and strengthen your spirit. At least that was the case for me as a christian born into the church. It was a routine without understanding. I am sure there are those born into the church who understand. Perhaps it is how our parents or friends bring us to the church. IT feels the true meaning of it is not well taught to believers brought in, compared to those who found it themselves. Now that I have truly sought and found God after 22 years of being a christian, this picture has been made clear to me. The life of the Devil left me feeling dead and empty, while the life of God and spirit, though painful, made me feel alive and pure. This is what everyone should feel, for it is a great salvation.

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