[Note: Written in Prison]

(individual spoken of in this writing does not refer to me)

All your ancestors struggling, working. All these beautiful times of feeding and educating their children, smiling and laughing as they pushed them on the swings. Marriages, times of stress and love, so much effort.

Thousands of years of work and countless generations, to be annihilated by one person down the line. That’s all it takes. So much struggle for nothing. “Poof” it’s gone. A name, a history, a beauty. “Poof.” By one individual.

Doesn’t this thought just shatter you? Why are you working? Why are we alive? Things are so easily destroyed. The most fantastically made buildings with mouth quivering tear streaming history can be torn down by one homeless mad wreck of an individual, all the beauty and history shattered by his withered, frail pathetic hands, meanwhile the powerful people that created it all rot in their graves.

A beautiful child with so much potential to bring beauty in this world, to bring joy, love, peace and happiness to others, erased from the face of the earth by one sadistic person. Is it fair? Yet even the most beautiful flower flower on a tree that spent much time to grow can be plucked by a spider. Yet thousands more grow in its place, some as beautiful. Even when the tree is cut down, more will rise. Entire forests are  cut down, yet more grow in other places. A rare beautiful flower may go extinct, and is sadly forgotten. Yet so many others exist in its place.

Is the world affected that that flowers species with meaning no longer exists? No. Is it a pitiful sad shame? Yes. But beauty will always survive in this world, regardless if one species or another goes extinct.

The species of a beautiful flower will always struggle to survive, to maintain and spread its beauty throughout the land. Creatures may come to try and devour it, so the plant grows its own defenses. Other creatures like the bee may even come to assist and benefit in the flowers spread and survival.

A shame a tree and its line has died, forever a forbidding depressing sight of old withered branches. Shame to the one who went and killed it. The creator will judge that being. The spirit of the tree will be retained, to beautify another place in another world. The line may cease to exist here on earth, but it will always still exist. The sadness and tears of its loss will dry through the generations.

Death is just another factor to existence. It cannot be prevented. Sadness exists just as much as joy. What can you do when death occurs? Nothing. What’s gone is gone. Removing the guilty destroyer is all you can do, and try to raise and maintain what is left by the one that died. An unending struggle. When you die, the next person may finish destroying what you brought back up.

Humans are animals. We exist and die like any creature. We build and we destroy. Everyone tries to build something everlasting while occasionally destroying what’s in its way.

Is there any end to this discussion? It’s like debating whether a ball on a tether ball pole will ever do something different. How long can one discuss a repeated cycle? THe ball will go and always come back, the power of life will always keep it moving. As animals, it’s our nature/duty to survive and preserve your existence after death.

And if you fail and cease to exist, well…gosh I don’t even know. Protect yourself and family as best as you can and stay aware of the crazies. Have a lot of kids to maintain as solid of an existence. That’s all that can really be done, and I wish you all the best. -Dragon. (My old jail name)

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