[Note: Written in prison after reading what I think was the book of Revelations]

Oh, how amazing is the spread of evil. Oh how great, and how grand. All you need is a woman with very well developed body parts and the skill to move it enticingly, a voice so pure and full of beautiful energy, a seductive look in her eyes and twists of the lips, and glorious, gleaming gold clothes to flash and attract all the eyes of the world to her like sharks to blood. And then, all she needs to do is videotape her most seductive, enticing performance, and fling it out to the social media of the world, and it is guaranteed that the dry grass will catch the flame, and spread like a wild fire until the earth itself is like the flaming pits of hades itself.

Oh, how that dry grass burns and burns, turning the earth to a scorched, black mountain of ash, of which the Devil sits on and laughs endlessly towards God, who tries to plant seeds among the rubble, many of which get choked out and burned immediately, forced to be the dead residue that the rest of the world had became.

But it gets worse. There is not just one woman releasing the flaming waves, there are thousands, all carrying gallons of oil in an already dry, burnt out environment, splashing it along the wayside, solidifying the death, confusion and misery of that society, and frustrating the plants left with life that wish to spread once again into the garden of paradise of which it once was.

But does it get better? No. New children are then born into the flaming furnace, never having before seen the fresh beauty of life the world once beheld, and with just the awareness of coals and fire, they unknowingly follow its example, while never once knowing that they are dead and smoldering.

Until one day…a seed planted by God let’s out its first stem.

Behold, the fresh, green sliver of life rising among the ashes, causing the ones with eyes to see, to gasp in shock and awe, at this unfamiliarity of purity that shines on them like a breath of fresh air, after having smelled smoke and fumes for their whole existence since coming into the world of charred dust. Satan hears the commotion and immediately rushes over to stomp it out, but unfortunately for him, the little plant had grown roots deep into the earth, so when Satan deterred its growth, it slowly but surely, rose back up to reach the heavens. Satan continues and continues to try and dose the plant with flames and oil, but angels of God swoop down and fight him off, all the while feeding the plant with water and sunlight, until one day after many years, the plant is a strong, firm, tall oak tree with leaves the world has never seen, spread out in glory, a testimony and declaration to the world o the life it is missing. The ashes see the tree and momentarily forget the state they’re in, taking their eyes off the woman that burned them from the start, causing her to dance and scream in anger at her loss of control and attention. The ashes gather together at the foot of the tree, and look up with jaws open, inhaling the fresh air that its leaves release, cooling the air and allowing water to once again fill up the empty spaces of the sky.

And the ash, the rubble, and the old remains, feel the coolness of this new life…and they cry.

The evil seductive woman may continue to flaunt her body and spread her legs, and her flames of death continue to spit and sputter like a dying engine, but now something has changed. Now the very grass that once took her and screamed from the pain, now look to a source of salvation, and all her evil intentions and effects of degradation are brought to light.

Slowly, the seeds begin to stir. The water begins to nurture, and the sun becomes stronger, not as a source of death as was the woman’s, but as a source of nourishment. And slowly, the seeds break and die, not to life, but to death, and out comes a root, hungry for this salvation and life, hungry for the escape from the hell brought by the evil woman.

Over the year, the seeds grow. Stems rise. Leaves and flowers unfold, The Devil’s flaming breath screams in fury and distress, but the angels continue to push his hatred back.

God is once again setting up the garden of life. Among the whole world of ashes and dust, somewhere, flowers are blooming. In your world, it may still be darkness, death and smoke, but open your eyes and seek in the distance, or closer than you thought possible, there is a glow, and within that glow, a flourishing, peaceful outpouring of life.

The woman’s performance is music to your ears at the start, but just when you thought you were getting a life of gold and eternal judgement, you saw your very being melting before your eyes, and you’ll realize that it was all a lie, and the glorious light though attractive to your senses at the moment, was not a glitter of life, but of death. But thank God, the Lord Jesus, that his life and light of comfort, purity, and protection is more near than you think, and all you must do is seek, and you will be able to leave the miserable, deceiving evil pit of the Devil’s abode, to rest with joy and life in the garden of paradise, forever be with the Almighty, righteous God. Hallelujah.

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