A lot of people may wonder: “How did Jesus die for our sins?” Almost everyone knows he died on a cross, but what does that have anything to do with saving us, or of washing us from sin? I myself had a hard time figuring this out, since the connection made no sense, therefore I took it for granted. However this is due to the fact that few people teach the significance it has to the practices before Jesus was born.

Back in the Old Testament, people sacrificed lambs to God for forgiveness. Many know this too. But what many do not know, is that before the lamb was sacrificed, the man who sinned would place his hand on the lamb’s head. This was a message to God, signifying the transfer of the man’s sin into the lamb. It was claiming that the lamb was taking the man’s place for punishment, through the spilling of its blood and death.

Once the lamb was killed and sacrificed, God saw it as the sinful man being killed, or the sin in the man, and through the lamb’s death the man was forgiven.

Many may say this is unfair or cruel to the lamb. However, what’s the alternative to the judgement? Without the lamb’s death, it would be the sinful man who would die for his sins. Sure an innocent lamb died, but it died for man, which signifies how much love God has for man. God loves man so much that he would let an innocent lamb die in our place. Would you rather die for your sins? Or would you rather let the lamb die in your place? Therefore we see it is not through cruelty that the lamb is accepted, but it is love. And through this love we were saved from our sins so that we might live and be forgiven.

Now let us turn to Jesus. He is a man, but he is also God’s son. He died on the cross as the lamb of God. Just as man once placed his hand on a lambs head before its death, so we also place our faith on Jesus that he died in our place for our sins. When you see Jesus on the cross, you are really seeing yourself. You are seeing all your sins combined and poured into the offering, Jesus, to die so that we would not receive the punishment. He is not just the man of God, he represents our sin, even though he is a perfect sinless man, God sacrificed him in our place so that we may be saved.

If you do not believe any of this, then it means you are not saved and you have not received his salvation.

Without believing and accepting Jesus as the one who died, you are denying God’s forgiveness and you are welcoming God’s judgement.

If you were to go to trial in court and you had the choice to be forgiven or given a death sentence, what would you choose? Praise Jesus that by believing into his death and sacrifice for our sins, that we may receive forgiveness, that is, life, and not the death penalty.

But remember, God knows your heart 100% even if others may be fooled. Just because Jesus died for our sins, does not mean we have a free ticket to sin, that would be taking advantage of his death, and God will know if that is your intention. For if you truly believed and repented into Jesus’ death, you would be filled with his life and would walk in his ways, transcending above the influence of sin. With Jesus, we would be free from sin and it would not be able to touch us. As long as we are one with Jesus and continue to praise him with a sincere heart, sinful things will then become distasteful, since you are no longer of sin, but are now of Jesus Christ. However, to use his death as an excuse to sin is to ask for God’s wrathful judgement. I hope that Jesus will live in all our hearts forever. Amen.

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