A lot of works, music or talents of an artist are not famous until the artist dies. Something about their death makes them more desirable. As though the disappearance of your existence makes you move valuable, your work more open to remembrance.

It seems as though when you are alive, people do not want you basking in glory of their attention. They don’t want to praise/worship a living being and watch him be spoiled by their attention. But once you’re dead and can’t know about it, they let their admiration be known.

It seems people who want praise don’t seem to get it, while those who don’t want attention but deserve it, receive it.

Humbleness actually makes you more attractive.

If Gandhi went around with his teachings looking proud and he boasted, there would be more resentment than admiration. But since he is humble, people praise him.

So why don’t people admire and praise art while the artist is still alive? Is it jealousy? Death gives the art value? It becomes more “sacred?” So your death makes your works sacred. Humbleness can also make you sacred.

Why does death make it sacred? Because you no longer exist. When you cease to exist, you become a thing of the past. Anything current/modern feels normal and not special, but death/passing gives it an “oldie” special feel. What’s left over from a man in death is more interesting than what he wears when he’s alive, because the item associates with who he once was.

That’s the key word, was. Is is not special. Was sparks an emotion. Memories move one more than what’s right before your face.

So how do you become a “was” while you’re still an “is?” How do you remove the jealousy that prevents people from praising your living face? Humbleness and purity. A cause/art that brings back “old” feelings of joy and admiration. It’s precious because it’s gone.

Humbleness and purity.

“Old” feelings of joy, sadness, powerful emotions.

Diamond rings are sacred because the grandma that owned it died. It now has a story. Life feels like you’re still living in the story so it doesn’t feel special.

Therefore, your art must have a story that sparks strong emotions, then you must be humble about it.

A picture of a girl is boring, but if the girl’s eyes speak about tragedy, sadness and history you are sucked into the power of its history, thus making the art a success.

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