[Note: Written in Prison after pondering personal experiences of people trying to convert another to Christ, and the methods they used, messages they spoke and emotions they stirred, or failed to.]

Analogy: poor man wants to learn to be rich, so he finds the rich man, and asks how to be rich. So the rich man brags about the joys of being rich, cars, clothes, luxuries. The poor man doesn’t care about the joys, just wants to know how to get them.

The talk of luxuries will only anger the poor man, and make him despise the rich man.

He will close his mind to future talks of luxury, of which the rich man always joyfully speaks about.

What the rich man should have done, was explain how to get a job. He forgot what the state of being poor was like. He must remember and begin there, to associate himself with the poor man.

Once he explains how to get a job, it’s on the poor man to take physical action. Only thing the rich man can do is encourage the poor man to take the effort.

Therefore: don’t dwell on the joys of the Lord, but rather the problems preventing you from enjoying it. Find the source of resistance, help to eliminate it, explain the method of touching your spirit, then step back. Only come to catch when they fall or offer reminders of encouragement.

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