Many people do not believe in God, and each person has many reasons for that.

One reason, is all the deaths and tragedies on the earth.

How can a kind, loving God allow so many innocents to suffer and die?

Well, before I answer that, let me remind you that this world is under the power not of God, but of the Devil. Why does God not extinguish the Devil right now? One reason, is because in order for Gods light to shine, there must be much darkness. Satan is the cause of all those murdered people, and not God. God is using Satan to express himself, to build up man to overcome Satan, who rebelled against God. This is his eternal purpose.

Therefore, instead of going to God to point fingers and blame, go to God so that darkness does not exist because of you. If all turned to God, there would be no more darkness. In order for God to build up his church and the light, Satan’s darkness must glorify it.

Another reason people may not believe in God, is science.

They have so much evidence that man existed hundreds of thousands of years ago, whereas the bible says man has only been around six thousand years.

However, before Adam and Eve were made, there were pre-Adamic creatures. Nobody knows who these pre-Adamic creatures were, all we find are fossils of dinosaurs, but who’s to say that “human-like creatures” did not exist? Perhaps they are the “evidence” of humans being on earth so long ago, but mankind as we are today, was created by God six thousand years ago, and the creatures who once were before, died by God’s judgement, following the same death as the dinosaurs.

As for the big bang, I don’t even want to mention that. Molecules in space that went boom? Why doesn’t it happen again today, or why were molecules just sitting there? Where did they come from? But look at humans, birds, lizards, all the creatures and plants today. It is impossible for all the beautiful life to evolve from an explosion, and trillions of years of time. Just look in the mirror, your two expressive eyes, perfectly aligned apart with your nose. Your lips and tongue, your ears, teeth and hair. Just by looking at a skull, you can clearly see it’s all from artistic design. There is absolutely no way it came out by chance.

The big bang is a theory for fools.

Many believe there is no God, but some spiritual essence of the universe, and a vibration and “strands” of this essence that make up the world. Through this vibration, or “Aum,” they find peace through meditation and sitting for  countless hours and years, attuning themselves to this “Aum.”

Well, I can only speak for myself when I say I felt no peace or joy from that belief, and it felt very empty. You may argue I have not tried hard enough, and I agree with you. Why do I not try further? Because I have already found my peace and joy through Jesus Christ.

It is alright if you have not found or believed in Jesus. Why? Because he is so easy to find. As the saying goes, you may see a boundless sea that goes on forever and ever, but all you must do is turn around to see the shore.

If you do not believe in Jesus, I encourage you to continue seeking the answers to life, finding God in your own way. Though most do not encourage this, for some people it is inevitable. It was the same for me before I believed.

In time, man will learn how empty, evil and corrupt life is without God, and one day their hearts will soften, and they will give Jesus and God a chance. Once they open up with a sincere seeking heart, God will show himself in such a way, that you will have no choice but to believe. You will always have a choice, but the answer will be so clear before you that you will feel foolish to deny it.

I hope one day it is in God’s will to shine his light upon you, that you may believe, and receive his light, mercy, joy, peace and salvation, that all the ones you call “crazy Christians,” feel today.

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