It all began as I stood with a group of people around a table featuring two cardboard boxes with bible tracts. Everyone was praying and crying out to God, blessing the city, the books, the movement to spread out Gods word.

I however, looked around and took in the scene. There was probably a good fifteen or more people, and the way we were situated around the boxes made it seem like a group of business employees having a prep talk about a new marketing campaign, with the two boxes being the products we were about to sell to the world.

Then I thought, “Wow. So many people, and yet so few products. How much money can you possibly make from those two small boxes, and would it be enough to distribute amongst so many people? By the time it was divided, the money received would not be even close to all the effort being displayed here right now to prepare the products.”

But then it dawned on me, that these people were not crying out as an earthly company trying vainly to make a couple dollars, but they were crying out to the heavens where riches are vast and endless.

Where they are speaking not to humans that will live and one day die, but to God himself. The spirit and creator of the heavens and earth was listening, and the fruit of the two boxes was not a bit of change, but of eternal and Heavenly reward.

Suddenly, the significance of those two boxes burst through the atmosphere and shot through the universe. We were on a whole different level of power, and it was the most selfless strength and power that could exist on the earth. We were not benefiting personally from the spread of the words, yet what we gained was worth more then any amount of luxury, palace, pile of gold or corporation could ever hope to attain.

At the end of the prayer I realized that the two boxes were actually just small tracts to a much larger mountain of boxes and bibles, but the concept remained the same.

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