Do you have that one person that despite all your joy and cheer in life, pisses you off and turns your heart burning and smoking with fury like the lava pools of hell? They are proud, bossy, disrespectful, think they are way above you and totally ignorant of their position. They cause you to seeth, grit your teeth and think of all the physical or verbal ways to set their punkass straight. And then as you’re holding back with all self control, right when you’re at breaking point…they stop. And now it’s just you, your memories and your anger, as you watch them flaunt off thinking they taught you a lesson of how low you are, and because of your lack of action, they think you obediently learned their lesson, thus making them more haughty and proud, and turning your boiling hatred into a surging endless wave. The hatred increases and increases…and now you have one simple decision. Attack or don’t attack. It’s that simple. You can either go full force and have the pleasure of watching their pride fall like a rock with fear and surprise…or you can stay silent and fume, letting them go on as you burn, never having the pleasure of revenge. Well if you are in this situation, which I am, here’s some food for thought.

Let’s talk consequences. If you can get away with setting them straight verbally and peacefully, by all means go for it, however in many cases it can lead to a clash and escalate matters, since they would be tasting their own medicine which is known to them, absolutely unacceptable and good cause for attack. If it will escalate to a fight, it would not be much different from assaulting them head on. And the risks and potentials of a fight can lead to many things including jail time. Now is this haughty loser worth losing your time, family, friends, freedom and daily pleasures over? Really consider all that you love out there, and think…does this loser outweigh all of these?

Then think of this: with the personality that they have, you know they will push someone else’s buttons too. One day they will push so many buttons that someone will set them straight. If you know it will happen one day, and that all the problems, consequences, violence and drama will eventually happen…do all these stressful troubles have to land in your lap? Why not let someone else sit in a jail cell over it? The blood from the losers nose doesn’t have to taint your knuckles. You can stay clean and free while the angry person and loser whimpers and nurses their bruises and broken bones. Then when you hear about it, you can feel pleasure at its happening and laugh with everlasting humor at their demise…without suffering their consequences, which believe me, are very grave and serious. I know, since I’ve been to jail and am in fact sitting in one right now. I am in a jail cell, bottom bunk, 6E cell 105 and the loser is above on the top bunk, wasting away sleeping as he does 24/7, the the last week, being awake for only about ten minutes a day. Yet when he is awake, he tells me I had better have no light on to disturb his sleep at night, and if I turn on a light, there will be problems. Mind you, all this is said incredibly disrespectfully, with a “You better do what I say” punk voice. He’s coming down on meth too. In jail, this disrespect almost always leads to a clash and a fight, which can lead to extra jail time. I can easily drag his limp arrogant body from the top bunk, and beat the brakes off his ass along with all the reasons why he doesn’t have any right to act the way he does, until he is whimpering and apologizing and put in his rightful place. Yet I hold back, as furious as I am, because I know soon he will either go home, or get moved to another jail. If he goes home, it’s a win and I get my peace. If he goes to another jail, I know for a guaranteed fact his haughtiness will result in him getting a major beat down because disrespect is not tolerated there. I know it will happen for sure. And the police will catch the fight, and the inmates who participated will suffer worse living conditions and possible loss of good time…while I continue on my merry way, forgetting the disgusting man, so I can go home to garlic shrimp, my girlfriend, family, dog, music, technology, a real bed and comforts, and the beauty of nature, life and society. All I have to do, is hold back and let the anger pass until the individual loser is gone. Otherwise, my life could take a very different, tragic turn. Is it worth it? Definitely not in this case, and I am willing to bet it isn’t in yours either. Let someone who cares less about their freedom do the attacking. Think about it.

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