[Note: I understand the idea of following laws would seem obvious, but many people really think that there’s no point in doing so. This writing breaks the issue down from the slightest example up to what truly affects society, and even possibly peace of your family, neighborhood and life. Enjoy]

Following the law and rules is very crucial in maintaining order and harmony in life, and it is generally good and encouraged, assuming the law is made through righteousness and not selfishness. However, for many rebellious people, the law is known to be restrictive, preventing them from doing what they naturally intend to do. For those people of rebellion, many will obey crucial laws in order to avoid heavy contact with it, however they may violate many smaller insignificant laws, to make life more easy without a high risk of problems, such as not wearing an orange shirt to chow (a jail reference) or driving alone in a carpool lane, or jaywalking across the street. Every law, though small, has its various reasons most of which are for the good of society, or are made for order. To not follow rules is to make a ripple in societal harmony and cause a bit of disharmony.

Most individuals have broken some laws at some point in their lives, breaking curfews, doing drugs in a rave, texting in school…many incredibly insignificant and yet the slightest distraction to order. If all these rebellions, even to the smallest form were to disappear, life would indeed be much more stable. Unfortunately, everyone is their own individual and many are natural rule breakers.

Now, how serious is it to follow all laws? How damaging is it to violate such simple rules as texting in class? At face value it seems harmless. No one got hurt, in fact the text might have been for good. However, breaking small rules tends to become a habit, and just like some people don’t want to stop at weed, some will move on to worse habits, like meth or heroine. But weed initiated the problem (as an example). People who get away with texting in class may build up a habit of getting away with things, which could lead to eating in class, then cheating in class, then bringing drugs to school, as they test their luck and the excitement of breaking rules grows.

However, no matter how positive someone knows following the law may be, some people will always resent it. It prevents them from being them, and from following their self made virtues or laws, for indeed many find the laws and rules disagreeable. One may argue texting in class is perfectly harmless, no one should rule over my use of my phone, and so “screw you I’m doing my own thing.” Then he gets caught by the teacher and gets a warning, he gets caught again and receives detention, then loss of his phone, then suspension, and now we got an angry kid who lost some privileges in society and its school. He can learn from this, or he could keep his pride, and continue on in life, constantly hitting bumps in society and damaging more privileges in life, such as losing one’s license, becoming a felon, and so on. Let’s talk about this individual, since his problems and rebellions are the topic of this article.

This man does not see his problems as problems. He resents society trying to change who he is to conform to its rules. But after receiving countless fees and jail time or loss of opportunities, he is soon faced with a few choices. He can move to a new area with different laws and people, he can continue in his ways and receive scrutiny, or he can change.

Let’s say he changes. He refrains from texting in class no matter how much he wants to. He drives home slowly like a mule in the packed car lane instead of the carpool lane. He fumes with frustration and exercises extremely difficult self control, yet starts to save money and feel more safe as clashes with the law virtually disappear. Okay, he’s not doing what he’d naturally do so it bothers him, but now that he’s doing things right, opportunities in life present themselves. He loses his gangster style and dresses professionally where he should, this brings job opportunity. He no longer jaywalks and now waits at the walk light, bringing respect. Is it so bad to j-walk? Does anyone really care? Yes, someone is watching. Well who cares if they see? Well, how do you know who “they” are? They can be your future employer. Don’t you want your future employer to respect you? You never know who’s watching.

Okay, so you grudgingly follow laws in the open. What about behind closed doors? No one can see. God can see, but you don’t think he cares much about man’s little laws. So you break laws in your own house. Who cares? No one sees it. Everyone does it right? Everyone’s got something illegal in their own home, as long as it stays there, it’s okay. Well guess what, it’s true. We all have a right to privacy in our own homes, with our own laws, as long as it never gets exposed, and it does not bring harm to society. But outside, or even on your front porch…just follow the laws man, for the sake of respect and to avoid drama with the law. Otherwise, you’re just asking for scrutiny and harsh consequences (judgement). Life will be much more drama free if you follow the law, otherwise, move somewhere else, leaving all the opportunities of your present place behind you. If you refuse to move or follow laws, there will always be a limit to how high you can reach in the society you live in.

What happened to the saying: Rules are meant to be broken? Well go ahead and break it then, just be ready to face the consequences. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

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