[Note: Written right before my final jail sentence was about to be decided. Waiting for the day that the District Attorney would show up to court to throw me in the darkest light of lies that he could]

What more is there to write? What more is there to say? There’s nothing left to do but await my fate. Now it’s really all in God’s hands. He knows what to do. Now I must just sit back, wait for the war and questions to begin, answer truthfully and dodge the lying bullets of evil. Many will be thrown at me I will be washed by a flood of evil, hateful accusations and lies by the prosecutor. My image will be degraded again, and again, and again, yet I must hold firm to the truths and the facts. I will focus on the simple fact that I am innocent and had no bad intentions. What more is there to say? Okay so what I closed a door and it “slammed”. So what I left church early. So what I took videos to share the beautiful experience with my family. I understand I was a fool many years back, yet am no more. What? No I did not write those violent words, you guys did. That’s a lie, false evidence, tampered corrupt attempts to crush me. It is not the truth. I will stand firm. Throw what you want at me, I will declare them a truth or a lie. You cannot prove anything.

And when the smoke clears, the hammer of judgement will drop. I will learn who is the divinely chosen victor of that day. Truth or evil. If truth, then all is over, I will be home. If evil, then I will return to my concrete cell of waiting and anticipation for a while too.

May the truth always overcome the lie.

May the lights of truth and righteousness shine upon me that day and grant me calm, peace, and the judge wisdom, and discernment. This worlds full of evil, but there is still light and hope.

DA, you have nothing but weak points and lies on your side. I have the simple truths and innocence. You can send armies of darkness against me, but my candle will hold firm until your darkness runs out. Throw all you got at me, my light does not fear.

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