My take on politics is short and sweet.
Regardless what happens today, whatever you see on the news related to Trump, Obama, the wars or any sort of politics…

    It’s all a totally unnecessary distraction to life.

We began life trying to survive, eat berries, clothe ourselves and grow our family lines. Today society is much more complex, there’s media, there’s finances, there’s the government, wars, and so forth…

But at the end of the day, we’re still humans just trying to survive.

As long as the political games don’t affect me as of right now this moment, I really couldn’t care less. And for other people’s mental health and well being, I think they shouldn’t either.

Back then there was the Vietnam war in which there were countless riots., there were panic attacks on the drought in California, there were riots in the United State Colonies against the British. In each of those time periods, people reacted as though the world was falling apart and would end.

But look…it’s pouring again and lakes are full. Vietnam is doing perfectly fine, and America and England are friends.

Sure riots and politics were necessary and productive to solving certain issues…but for those who are exploding off each and every change on the news…relax.

As of today it’s Trump and immigration. My facebook feed is flooded with racism, hatred, pointing fingers and panic attacks. People are stressing so hard about it.

Yet I relax, and live my life as though nothing is going on. If things come to my doorstep that will impact me directly, then I will get up full force and confront it. And I understand many people right now are doing just that.

But for those that won’t be directly affected and are simply feeding off of the news…think about this.

Eight to twelve years from now, all that you stress about, Trump and all will be forgotten, and there will be a new president, a new set of actions that brings flames to your life.

    It didn’t kill you then, and it certainly won’t kill you now.

So why kill yourself over it?

Enjoy life and keep your eyes off the media. It’s really not worth reading. Just skim over those stupid media posts geared to freak you out.

Hope you enjoyed this read.

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