Some people, especially Christians, commonly sing hymnals about loving God, and his son Jesus. They cry out even with tears of so much adoration, in ways they never showed love to anyone else before.

And it makes me wonder…what on earth did Jesus do for you that would make you love him so much? You don’t see society crying once a week about other famous people who have died for a nation. We honor them in a funeral, cry a little, and then move on with life.

But Jesus? No, people praise their love to him once or multiple times a week.


Reasons people say they love Jesus are:

He died for us

He loves us

He’s our savior (saved us from death/sin)

He’s the most innocent sinless human to suffer and to die
Ok yeah I get it, that’s pretty touching. But even THEN it’s not enough of a reason for me to cry or sing highly emotional slow songs about love and adoration.


And think about it, who was God before Jesus? Did people adore him just as much? If I remember correctly, people feared him and he was quite an angry, murderous God, killing people for lack of faith or acts against his wishes.


Ok after thousands of years of fearing God and being ruled by his reign of terror, examples are people being forced to live in the woods for 40 years or else they die of punishment, people being swallowed up to “sheol” if they go against God’s chosen leaders…

All of a sudden he’s a God of love and peace because of a man who pops into the world, says he’s God and saves some lives.

All of a sudden people love and adore God and cry with praise to him once a week, a routine.
Come on kids, get dressed. Everybody look good, we’re going to go a building where people sing songs about a guy that we don’t even know too much about, yet since there are a lot of people in the building that we know, we better act nice, dress nice and be proper in fear of being judged by other members of society. All in the pretense of going to love a man who died for us.
In my church, people sing a hymnal and many are reaching out with their spirit and genuinely “connect” with Christ. But then after the songs sung, someone has to call out “Let’s sing it again, brothers (males) and sisters (females) alternate verses”
Oh my God, why.
Then someone has to say “Let’s sing standing up.”
Now I’m really losing enthusiasm. I’ve appreciated the songs, I acknowledge God and his Holy day, why do you gotta make us repeat these songs with silly different styles? Sing sitting, now sing standing, now let’s alternate verses. What’s next, sing while spinning around? It’s all the same words. What does any of this have to do with touching or knowing God more?
And then some people today take it further. They turn the practise of loving God into a business. Many already have it as a routine. People find themselves singing words of loving God without even knowing why they’re doing it.

    And that’s why I’m writing this paper. To be honest, I’m fed up with singing songs about loving a man that I truly don’t love as much as the words portray. 

I appreciate Jesus for dying for our sins and acknowledge his power and kingship, and his rulership over sin. I know that he might be up there somewhere watching over us, protecting us, and maybe even loving us.

But at the end of the day, at least for me, he’s not in my daily picture. He’s barely scratches my thoughts and I do what I can to live as a human in society with the manner of an animal trying to survive in its habitat.


So for all of you going to church, and hearing, singing, watching, being watched, or are exercising your thoughts about your church’s society, people, songs, words and actions, think about WHY.
Don’t do it as a routine. Don’t do it if you don’t feel like it. Don’t do it to fit in with the herd. Do it because you know why. Do it because you actually know why you love God, and have a genuine reason.
As for me, I am still confused. So why do I come? Because I know I still need to connect with the spirit, which is strongest in the church.

But I had to write this after hearing hymn after hymn being sung in various forms, and after noticing the immense amount of love expressed in the words.


All power to those who know what they’re doing. Please share here if you’re one of those people. Thanks for reading.

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