So after a long time of dealing with women, I have learned many lessons about the truth about women. I’ve succeeded, I’ve failed, I’ve gained, and I’ve lost. And in the process, I’ve learned A LOT.

Just kidding, I also did a lot of side research but that’s besides the point. I basically got it all figured out so let’s get to it.
Women have double standards. 

They have the standard that they show and portray to the world, their friends, family, and even to themselves.

You ask a lady what she wants, and she’ll say she wants a handome man, someone financially secure, someone that loves her and treats her well. And duh, obviously these things are true.

And yet when that man comes along and talks to her, you know what she does? She ignores him. She edges away, she acts “nice” back. Maybe they get along, maybe they go out, but typically he becomes her sob story bag and they never truly hit it off.

If you ask a woman if she likes a guy who does things a douchebag does, she’ll give you a grossed out look, tell you that whatever it is is gross, low and dispresectful and that she despises guys that do those things (whatever they are).

But next thing you know, you’ll see her going out with such a douchebag, riding around in his car, making out with him, and falling deeply in love with him despite all the emotional roller coasters he puts her through.

And that’s exactly why she falls for him.

Because then they have the true standard that comes from being a female human being.

It all goes back to the caveman days, versus the standards in today’s society.

Men today feel women want financial stability. They feel a woman wants a guy who is nice and respectful. They are taught by their parents and mentors that they need to be gentlemen, and that these are the factors that women look for and want.

Well you know what? Women are raised the same way. Just as men are taught to be financially supportive and nice, women are brought up to think a financially supportive guy is what they need, and a guy who is nice.
So finally we have a man and woman “taught” and influenced by modern day society to want these modern day attractive traits.
But at the end of the day, we’re actually just intelligent animals just like back in the caveman days, before “money” existed, and instead survival was the focus.

What are traits of a man that show he is a better partner to increase chances of survival? Strength, dominance and assertiveness.
And in modern day society, these guys tend to be called douchebags.

But genetically, it’s what a female as a living creature, intelligent animal human wants in terms of sexually and physically. Forget about all the mental expectations; our natural physical needs and wants eventually overcome our taught desires.
So why does the nice guy with a lot of money and great personality not get the woman? Why does she toss him in what many people love to call the “friend” zone?

1) She’s simply not attracted to him (This doesn’t depend on strength, finances, personality or anything. The chemistry just isn’t there. This CAN be changed through manipulation however.)

2)He doesn’t trigger the feminine, animalistic physical wants that she desires.
It’s that simple. Meanwhile the douchebag through sheer assertiveness alone and confidence regardless how crude has a much higher chance of triggering her attractiveness.
In the wild, the weaker animals tend to die off, and the stronger meaner males get the women and continue their genetic line.
It’s the same with humans.
So nice guys, it’s not about being financially capable (of course that’s a plus in the long run, but it won’t turn a girl on in the way you want,).

It’s not about being polite and a gentleman (that might actually disgust her, if she feels it’s too soft, however there are ways to be a gentleman correctly and assertively).
It’s about triggering her physical needs. And those needs are strength, confidence, assertiveness and leadership. If you don’t have those, you’re not getting anywhere.

Plus nice guys tend to get so nice that it comes off as boring, whereas the douchebag is random and exciting. Women like to have fun.

Hope you enjoyed this read.

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