So I work in a grocery store, and at times the job can get hectic and annoying. Sometimes I even consider quitting, as I sweat and get verbally assaulted by random strangers for things I don’t even care about. I constantly find myself pondering “Why on earth am I working here, going through all this negativity, for a terribly small amount of money?”

Amazingly however, as I was thinking this, a customer came through on an electric handicap chair, and she told me “Thank goodness you’re here.”

I inwardly rolled my eyes, and negative responses sputtered through my mind which I can’t even write on here. But then she continued,

“Many people wish they had your job right now you know that, right?”

That put a stop to my thoughts. For although I understand there are much better jobs, much better opportunities…I suddenly remembered the days when that I was unemployed, and the desperate feelings of not knowing when the next paycheck would come. I remembered feeling almost hopeless, waiting anxiously to hear back from the job interviewer. And it was especially difficult for me since I was a felon, it almost seemed like I’d never be able to find employment.

And although not everyone is a felon, many people are in similar circumstances. Many don’t have a car, a family, a place to live, a place to change and wear clean clothes to an interview. And there are countless of those people out there huddled in the cold, only wishing they had a job where they could earn some hours, and just the slightest amount of money.

And here I was hating life just because I had to wrap some glass containers with newspapers.

She continued hammering the points about how many people wished to be in my shoes, how many people wished they had my job. And it brought so much appreciation and realization to my heart.

So remember. If you are reading this article, and you have a car, a house, a place to stay, and a source of income…your life is really quite nice. It may not be exactly what you wish for, but there are countless of people who wish they had the life you have today.

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[Imagine attributed to: Paulien Osse]