A powerful point came up today in bible study. It impacted me heavily and really shed a light I wish to share.

A christian elder used me as a reference to a point and said, “If you look at David (me) you won’t know much about him other then that way he looks.

However, if you speak to David and listen to him, you will learn more about him and begin to know him, and it’s the same way through the spirit of Jesus. By speaking to Jesus through the spirit we begin to truly know God.

The only way to know someone incredibly well is by being their friend.”

But immediately my mind spoke out and told me that no, there’s more than one way to know someone. You can speak with them and observe them as a friend…or you can study them like a psychologist. Both of these will result in you knowing the person extremely well.

Then my brain compared this to God.

You can come to the church or Spiritual meetings to meet God as a friend…or as a psychologist, an observer, one that studies someone like a textbook.

Thing is, God only rewards those who come to him as friends.

Many people (including me) sometimes come to the church, or to the bible to study it, to try to dissect it with our natural minds, but although we might be able to memorize verses very well or know the scriptures like the back of our hands, we won’t receive the rewards that God has to offer.

Just an interesting point and analogy that I am happy to share, and I hope you enjoyed.

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