Starting this off with a cute little poem before the reason why “Creepy does not exist” begins. Enjoy.


Take that, creeper


I do a hard evaluation, of who my target is

Before I go and say hello, I have to find out this

Is this one rich or poor, is she humble or proud

Does she get angry quick or slow, is she quiet or loud

Is her mind educated, does she like to dress nice

What will this woman think of me when I go to entice

I stand back at a distance, calculating in my mind

Should I approach like I’m in love, or act a bit less kind

I see the way she walks, I notice how she blinks

And hear her song before I go, now I know what to think

I  approach so ever casually, lean on the edge of the bar

She looks at me then looks away, okay a decent start

I say how are you doing, that bottle came so strong

She knocked me out while screaming, that’s for staring for so long!


Many people, men and women, but men especially, like to wonder whether or not something is considered as creepy to someone they like. They wonder things like:

“If I say this, will she find it creepy?”

“If I do that, is it creepy?”

“If I look at her this way, is it creepy?”

And many women like to mess up a mans mind making them think certain things ARE creepy, like staring across a room. Saying something like “Dang look at you, most delicious thing I’ve ever seen.” Walking around and around summoning up the courage to talk to her.

Women will say “Oh my God, don’t do that, it’s creepy.”

And what’s ironic in comparison to the title of this blog, is that it really IS creepy sometimes. Sometimes men do things so stupidly and awkwardly that it truly is creepy.

That being said however, there is only ONE reason why a woman finds something creepy.

Because she isn’t attracted to the guy!

Every single thing that a woman finds creepy, she would probably LOVE to deal with from a guy she adores or finds highly attractive.

If she likes him, no matter how much, there’s almost nothing he can do to be creepy unless it’s like over the top weird, like something you’d see in a horror movie.

If a stranger said, “My goodness, you look delicious.” That would be scary, stalkerish and creepy! But if the man she was even slightly attracted to said that, she would most likely be flattered!

So guys, or even girls…here’s the lesson: creepy does not exist if the person you are pursuing is attracted to you.

The more they are attracted to you, the less chance that anything you do will be considered as creepy regardless what it is. 

If she finds you slightly attractive and is interested in you, then chances are you can’t mess it up as long as you don’t walk up like Dracula coming to suck her blood.

If you’re so hot that she melts when you look at her, then walk up like Dracula and even bare you fangs with a glint in your eye and she’ll probably melt even more.

Confidence also takes away creepiness. Just saying. No matter how weird or creepy the phrase you say, if you can say it like a pro and with complete confidence (and not arrogance) then somehow it slips past the “creepy” alarm.

Key to this writing is basically: If the person you like does NOT find you attractive, chances are anything you say can and probably will be considered creepy. 

So don’t ever fall for the “that statement is so creepy” myth, or “don’t do that, it’s creepy.” because that advice is completely ignorant. There is no phrase that is always going to be specifically creepy to anyone, and there’s no action that everyone will always find creepy (unless like I said, it’s horribly psychotic like you’d see in a horror movie, if that’s the case, go see a therapist.)

Staring at someone blankly in the night with no emotion on your face? That’s creepy. But if she likes you a lot, she might find that as…heck, enchanting or even somehow mesmerizing.

All that being said, if you go up to someone who doesn’t know you or is attracted to you, don’t be shocked or surprised if she gets incredibly creeped out, packs her bags and leaves if you simply say, “Hello.”

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