This is actually to anyone who feels they’re worthless because a spouse made them feel so, either through physical, emotional or mental abuse. Although I know it happens to many men, this will be directed to women, simply because I as a writer am a man.

Let me just let out a little secret okay?

Some guy’s actually use this shady method to trap a woman and prevent her from leaving him. They say degrading things like call the girl fat, ugly, or stupid. And after they degrade the woman’s mind into feeling worthless, the men sometimes throw in domestic violence to the point the woman feels she deserves it. This is why many women do not leave the man that hurts them. It’s because they feel maybe they truly deserve it, and that they are as worthless as the man says.

The man probably knows that he himself is trash, and that the woman could probably easily find someone better than him, so to mask his insecurities and fear of losing her, he unleashes it on the woman.

By telling her she’s trash, she loses hope of possibly finding another man. She thinks she doesn’t deserve better, or that she can’t. The physical abuse makes her feel even more worthless as it reinforces the harsh words the man says, which she’s starting to believe.

Next thing you know, you have a beautiful, intelligent, highly sophisticated woman with so much potential staying with a piece of abusive trash, while calling herself fat, ugly and stupid.

Ladies. Understand this is a tactic, and what you believe is not true.

You are beautiful, you are intelligent, and you are worth something. And the man you are with is trash, and you need to leave him asap.

The only way you’ll realize who you truly are is to face your mental fears that the man programmed into you, and release yourself from him. Once you are out again, and you find a man who can truly respect you, you might just realize how amazing you are.

Unfortunately many women have been abused so long, that they actually can’t handle being respected. So when treated right, they panic and run back to the violence they know.

This writing is as truthful and honest as it gets, and I truly hope it’s shared to help others in need. Thanks for reading.

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