Syrians getting bombed by fifty missiles. Refugees getting tear gassed by dictators. North Koreans firing off nukes to test their abilities. Dog gets tortured and killed by psychotic owner.

These things are so negative. When you read them, you don’t get anything out of it except for anger, sadness and possibly even depression. I say to stop reading about it, and some people respond with, “But that’s being ignorant. That’s being oblivious.”

In which I respond with, “No, it’s not. It’s just that there’s no point in hearing about all that negativity.”

It’s not that I don’t know about it or don’t want to know about it, that would be ignorance or being obnoxious. In fact it’s the opposite, after hearing so much horrible news you will eventually hear too much and become NUMB to it.

News like a suicide bombing is terrible and intense. But if the news were to announce fifty bombings each day for years straight, people would eventually become numb to it, and it would not be such a shock anymore. If you were to read all fifty bombing reports in detail and suffer from each one, your mental health will deteriorate and you will become the most miserable person ever.

Well fact is, history is exactly like that. Endless reports of miserable tragedies occuring each day, in places that you have no influence over.

So why read it? Why throw a bunch of emotional baggage on your shoulders of all these places you can’t even help?

If you call me cold and heartless for writing this, I must say that I have had my emotional phases in the past, where I allowed myself to study, dig and suffer countless reports of true historic sufferings of the past. And what happened? I became numb.

Russians raped so many German during world war 2 that entire cities of women would drown themselves to avoid the sadistic violence. Over 200,000 Chinese women were raped, killed and tortured by Japanese to the point that battle was literally called “Rape of Nanjing.” Countless millions of innocent Chinese civilians were executed by Corrupt Emperors, and Saddam Hussein was said to have thrown people into large blenders just for fun.

Seriously, I can go on forever. But what does crying and suffering about it do for me? History will always repeat itself.

Fortunately, you and I live in a society where there are no dictators, reckless armed militants and tanks rolling through the streets shooting and killing. We have a strong secure police force, a very decent society and low crime rates compared to those in some other countries.

Personally, I learned that the only news that matters is the one that has a direct effect on me. If a crime happened in my neighborhood, that’s something good to know. But some dog getting tortured in Kansas? Dude, scroll past it. It’s not worth reading.

50 missiles bombed in Syria? At least the bombs aren’t landing in your backyard. You’re not going to get anything good out of inhaling those tragedies into your mind. What is the current president doing? If it has nothing to do with me, I seriously don’t care. It’s a waste of brain energy.

Anyhow that’s all I have to say about that as of now. Focus on the positive things in life. Focus on making yourself happy, and keeping your society pleasant and wealthy. Scroll past all the negative feed without a glance at it, and your life will seriously turn out much more relaxing. I’ve tried it, and it works.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.